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Alberta Consortia Share Space
What's the Shift?Welcome to the High School Redesign Share Site. The purpose of this site is to create a digital space of sharing tools and continuing conversations. Ideally we want the conversations that we initiate during our collaboration days to continue. The goal is to be able to use this as a resource with your staff.


The following are links to the FMNI resource "Our Way is a Valid Way" shared by Sandra Skare:

Final Our Way Is a Valid Way_Reflections-May 27, 2013.pdf

Final Our Way Is a Valid Way_Resource - July 2, 2013.pdf

The following is the PPT from Susan Poole that has links embedded to the resources she shared:

Grande Prairie PP 2013shared vs.ppt

(January 22nd Resources)

Possible Data Sources.docx (January 2014)

School Planning Tool - Template for January 2014

PPT Jan 22nd Cohort day.pptx

(October 24th Resources)

PowerPoint from Oct 24th Flex Day

What's the Shift Guiding Questions

Foundational Principles

Conversation Guide (October 24th)

St. Mary's Prezi on High School Redesign

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Parking Lot (A place to share your questions/ challenges etc.)