As we approach change we are sure to encounter challenges and road blocks that inhibit our progress.

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Brainstorm from Flex Cohort October 24th (Grande Prairie, AB)
Challenges and Road Blocks
Moving Forward with High School Redesign

  • Teacher time to implement and collaborate
  • EGO and my ‘teaching works’ attitude
  • Teacher mindset
  • Shift of teachers and administration in thought and practice
  • Beginning teachers recognizing DEEP learning (Elementary)
  • How to align with Alberta Education requirements
  • Communication – Alberta Education
­ Finance -> assessment -> curriculum
  • High School Redesign – curriculum and assessment aligning
  • Student/community expectations don’t align with credentials
  • FNMI engagement
  • FNMI ↑ without parent engagement
  • NEED personal learning time for teachers and students– 60/40
  • Open teacher and student schedules
  • Shifting student perspective of success
  • Asking, “How is success measured?”
  • Measures do not fit – pedagogy (Paradigm)
  • Assessment – formal vs. formative
  • Impact on assessment
  • Ensure that risk-taking is sanctionless
  • Relationships -> trust
  • Growth in student responsibility
  • Days NOT blocks – student accountability
  • School unified vision
  • Acknowledge that all change has inherent risks
  • Leading change
  • How to prepare in Junior High for High School Redesign
  • Timetable – Junior High and Senior High
  • ROADBLOCK: K-12?; 7-12?; 9-12? – How to flex??
  • Flawed data
  • Diploma Exams