Below is a summary of the I Commit to statements from the January 2014 Cohort Meeting.
Thank you for sharing your commitments with the group as a whole.

I Commit to... helping to collect parent data @ PTI's.
I Commit to...meeting to develop first steps.
I Commit to ... embedding formative assessment in more courses.
I Commit to... encouraging and supporting teachers and students in their risk taking for learning.
I Commit to... pursuing cohort groups with teachers.
I Commit to .... sharing what kids do when they aren't with you.
I Commit to ... conversing with colleagues about the "teacher Advisor" and how it will look in September.
I Commit to .... continue to work with the team(s) on integrating Coaching with Admin and P. Learning.
I Commit to ... informing parents more about what our goals/rationale is behind high school design at our school. (Survey our parents; connect with other high school in our town)
I Commit to... restructuring my courses to all student choice in how they are graded, what they want to graded, how they learn, how much time they need to be successful, define success for themselves.
I Commit to ... exploring other people's ideas/opinions about flex and creating a school direction.
I Commit to... creating better communication between staff, parents and students.
I Commit to... making the Flex Time work. To introducing my staff to the possibilities of this is the best for kids.
I Commit to... have a community discussion around "flex time" and what both divisions are attempting around that (timing, big ideas)
I Commit to .. supporting the redesign process (flexible schedules, helping find CTS courses to work with CORE)
I Commit to... looking for course that combine together well based on outcomes to open time for students to do their passions or other interests.
I Commit to ... gathering staff voiced on semester one reflection of our Flex Enhancement Projects
I Commit to... plan staff meeting to discuss Teacher Advisor program and changes
I Commit to... plan/look-at ways to gather parent voices.
I Commit to... continuing the conversation with my colleagues - HSRD group but other staff as well.
I Commit to... creative "thinking" re: schedules.
I Commit to... Jr/Sr Math curriculum disection and alignment
I Commit to.. teacher advisory of 10 students to start (follow Gr 9 - 12)
I Commit to... timetable Jr and Sr High with strive/flex/iPLAN time. Attempt to get ready for 2014/15 school year.

PLEASE share with us a SUCCESS / NEW LEARNING that you have experienced as you go back to your schools.

Deadline: March 1st.