The morning focus on the January 22 2014 Cohort Day will be to dive into the question of "How do we Engage in Change"?

Susan Poole's PowerPoint

Susan Poole from Cochrane High School will be joining us in this discussion.
Some of the questions she is choosing to address for the group are:

Why change?
Does distributed leadership make a difference? What differences are we anticipating?
I am okay; why do I need to change?
Can data be a tool to help bring resistors along? How?
How did data influence the decision making process?
Does data play a role in this?
How did you use the data to close the achievement gap for all students including our FMNI students?
(Student needs, shifts in practice)

How is ‘change’ going at your school?

(We will be giving time for school team discussions following Susan Poole's presentation to the group)

•Where is your school in the change process?

•How is it working? Do you have engagement of staff? Students? Community?

•How have you shifted you practice to improve HS completion for your FNMI students?

•What happens when the community/ teachers is (are) not engaged?

•How are your empowering your staff including FNMI liaisons, coordinators and educators to have a voice in the process of change?

•What do you see happening at your school that makes you excited? Makes you cringe?

•What are some relevant data sources to shape high school redesign?

Check out Cochrane High School's webpage here.

Susan Poole talks about a "scoop-it" page. See her page HERE.