The conversation around Flexible Learning Environments is below in a google document. Feel free to add to the conversation directly.


Have flex times but students don't use it in the way we expected. How do you scaffold the change when adding flex? Have mandatory attendance, don't attach it to lunch. Have it curriculum based with free time for high achievers.

Use agendas for kids to be responsible for their goals, use it as a journal and then use it to teach them how to reach their goals. Use the flex block to take the little steps to reach the ultimate goal. Check in with mentor to make sure they are making the right choice to reach their goals. If in the agenda, it's easy to track for all teachers. Teach the staff about strategies that can be taught to kids to help them meet their goals.

When do you have Flex time? Put it where all blocks have access to it.

Should there be criteria that needs to be met in order for students to have access to a flex block?

Are grade 10's really ready to make the choices of flexible learning?

Does it need to be a designated block of time or is it flexible within the classroom? Classroom needs to be flexible in order for flex to work.

Learning environment ultimately needs to change in order for flex time to work. Tables, computers, quiet areas for individual study.

Learning strategies idea for grade 9's and 10's to teach them how to study and make the right choices for flex. Grade 11's & 12's should by then be able to make responsible choices.

Free time vs. Flexible Learning Time.... it is not the same thing. How do we set the expectation that it is not a reward of free time? Do we want this expectation to continue?

some schools are okay with students making a free time choice- it is all about student choice.

Some seminars can be offered into Flex Time - draw students in by engaging them in something extra curricular

Tracking of Flex Time - helps to hold the students accountable for making positive choices.

There is a buy in for Flex Time - sometimes it is necessary for kids to decompress before jumping into afternoon class.

Secondary set of notes:
Specifics to Flexible Learning Environments:
  1. What is your understanding of flexible learning environments?
  • Flex learning vs. reward of free time?
  • Designated learning time OR overall philosophy!

  1. What are some ideas you have to help the shift towards flexible learning environment in your school?
  • Put scaffolding towards independence on the students.
  • Have students create learning goals – make an individualized plan.

  1. How can/are teachers empowered to decide how best to structure time to teach students?
  • Grade variations for flex time – are grade 10s ready?
  • Self-management – Grade 9s need to be taught how to be self-directed.