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Mastery Learning
  1. 1. What first steps must be made so that students and teachers embrace the real challenge that accompanies true mastery?
  • It’s OK to fail as part of the learning process
  • Give students a chance to assess their own learning
  • Allow reassessment
  • Don’t worry so much about exam security
  • Ensure authentic learning\build student profiles reexamine curricular outcomes (W/ Alberta Ed.)

2. What changes need to be made in your school so that “failing to understand” does not mean that learning has ended and that mastery is not achievable?
  • Timelines & deadlines
  • Write tests when you’re ready
  • Overhaul assessment practices
    • o Get rid of assessments that are not outcome focused
    • o Eliminate grade distinctions
      • § Finish high-school math
      • Changing our method of assessment does not mean that we are letting standard slide

3. What is your understanding of mastery learning?
  • Time to asses, reassess and relearn.
  • Giving students a chance to make meaning.
  • Find ways to have students identify their own weaknesses and mistakes.
  • Help students to understand that mastery learning is a journey.
    • o Diplomas provide a real constraint
  • Is mastery a sinusoidal curve in nature
  • Has the student achieved the level of proficiency with specific outcomes?
  • We need mastery teachers.
  • Greater differentiation to allow students to show their mastery in a way that displays their learning best.