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Why did you come and sit at this table?
  • Important part of what we do
  • Give us direction
  • Alot of what I do is about relevance, like RAPP, off-campus, and I would like to extend that to every classroom - I want to invite business into the classroom so students get an idea of what it's like in the world of work.
  • Technology, learning is moving faster than ever before, so it has to be rigorous.

How do we make the curriculum rigorous and relevant?
  • We're not the keepers of the knowledge anymore and they can access information very easily now

What shifts do we need to make?
  • Need to accept there are multiple ways of accessing information
  • Bringing the community into the classroom provides greater insight to how the world works today - e.g.; you have to make the phones and the technology accessible all the day
  • Move from the consumers of information to prosumers of information - there's a purpose, creating information
  • It's not just the outside community its the kids inside the community - we have to involve that, because they make it relevant - where am I going to use this, and then a kid says, well my dad says.
  • Our curriculum cannot keep up with the changes - we almost need a "working copy" like a wiki
  • A lot of work putting curriculum together, and then some years down the line, the curriculum is no longer relevant

Every kid who does RAPP comes back to school and says I need math because they realize they need it.

How do we move to the ideal?
  • we need to keep current in our practice
  • we have become islands in our own classrooms and we have to collaborate
  • need support from the community - bringing them into the school - benefit both kids and teachers
  • more emphasis on the front and back matter of the curriclum - we get caught up on the specific outcomes - front matter is where the real world connections lie
  • Ensure that rigor doesn't come at the mercy of relevance - but is it more a question of time?
  • We need to see other teachers teach

What do we mean of rigor? High expectations? Stimulating and inspiring? Engaging?

What's relevant to one person is not relevant to another.

  1. 1. How will this initiative help move us closer to those ideals?
There is not enough time in the day to cover the curriculum as in-depth as necessary.
Is the curriculum relevant? Some of its not – like, what’s the zenith, well I can just google that or there’s probably an app.
A lot of the science is not relevant, but it should be. I have to teach this stuff that they don’t care about.
The shift is coming with science. Some things we can control and some we can’t. What do we do with what we have?
There’s cool apps and interactives and gizmos they can do.
I try to do something as much as possible with labs.
There is relevant to real life and relevant to PAT.
Flexible curriculum can allow the child to pick, but its more challenging for a PAT course.

What shifts in thinking would need to happen for this foundational principle to be realized in your school, your practice?
  • Curriculum is fine but the way we are assessing it –

Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum

General Reflective Questions:
How does this foundational principle resonate with what is currently happening in you school, your teaching practice?

Group 1
  • Changed teaching practice – communion between assessment and curriculum
Group 2
  • Important to what we do
  • Project based match
  • Hook
  • Direction
What shifts in thinking would need to happen for this foundational principle to be realized in your school, your practice?

Group 1
  • Change in teaching practice – what supports?
  • Time (for change) - therefore assessment has to change

Group 2
  • Using technology
  • “Why do I need to know this?” – Students
  • Easier to make connections – multiple ways to get info
  • Relevance (off-campus ed)
  • Consumer of Prosumer

Specifics to Flexible Learning Environments:
  1. What is your understanding of Rigorous and Relevant Curriculum?

Group 1
  • Choice
  • Student engagement
  • Something they will use later in life
  • Thinking about curriculum
  • Empower students
  • Make connections
  • Move within curriculum

Group 2
  • World moving fast so how to keep moving with students – technology
  • Not keepers of knowledge
  • Creation of knowledge\
  • Need variety of assessment and projects
  • Need working document to stay current

  1. How will this initiative help move us closer to those ideals?

Group 1
  • Inspiring Education because it is about making change
  • Makes you think about your curriculum/instructional practices

Group 2
  • Provides direction
  • Relevant – make connections for them – real world
  • Community support
  • We need to stay current and collaborative
  • Seeing how others teach

  1. In what ways are/can students engaged in their learning experiences? How are they able to demonstrate their learning?

Group 2
  • Community involvement (RAP, Work Experience)
­ Students and outside blg.
  • Remember to invite people in – relevant
  • Authentic curriculum; front matter and back matter

  • A day in the life of…
  • “Computer in the Wall”…
  • Rigorous/Relevant – students and us
  • Where will I use this? – Community members/collaboration